Rey Fort Trade Center between Iran and Iraq

Trading is a form of beneficial and secure transaction in which both parties participate in buying and selling goods or services. In the realm of international business, trade with neighboring countries is highly important because; thriving commercial and economical transactions with other countries will result in mutual political and even security interactions, which emphasizes the significance of commercial and economical exchange among neighboring countries.

Due to the imposition of sanctions against Iran, the Iranian officials pay much more attention to the country’s interactions and trade with other countries, particularly its neighbors. Among Iran’s neighbors, Iraq holds a strategic position and has valuable commercial exchanges with Iran. The two countries maintain strong and inviolable bilateral relations. That is because the two countries have long common borders and are close in social cultures. Recent meeting between the ministers of Foreign Affairs of Iran and Iraq and also Iraq’s prime ministers trip to Iran can show how deeply rooted the two countries’ mutual relations are.

The mangers of Rey Fort tourist complex are planning on constructing a commercial section in this complex called Iran-Iraq’s Trade Center; its purpose is to improve and strengthen the relations between these two neighboring countries. Rey Fort’s high potential to attract tourists because of its nearness to Rey City and Dolat Abad neighborhood, an area populated with Arab-Iranians, can further enhance the commercial and economic relations between Iran and Iraq.

Key roles of Iran-Iraq Trade Center will include:

  • Help improve mutual relations through commercial interactions
  • Cultivating relations in all business and tourist fields
  • Creating an appropriate environment for business especially for the Arab residents of Dolat Abad neighborhood
  • Creating suitable opportunities for growth of international trade

Last but not least, developing new commercial strategies to increase the two countries national capacities is one of the primary goals of Rey Fort Tourist Complex.

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