Awarding Rey Fort Certificate of Appreciation from The Fourth Conference of Sustainable Construction

The Fourth Conference And National Exhibition Of Sustainable Construction And Optimal Energy Consumption was held from the 25th to 27th of November, 2019. It was held by the deputy of urban planning and architecture of Tehran municipality in Goftegoo Park (the place for specialized exhibitions of Tehran municipality). This event featured technical exhibits of sustainable construction materials and new technology, educational workshops and specialized panels to provide solutions and necessary technology to manage energy consumption. It was a joint effort by deputy of urban planning and architecture of Tehran municipality, ministries of oil, power and road and construction, Iranian organization for preserving the environment, construction engineering organization, Center for Road, Housing and Urban research and Road and Construction Media Complex. A large number of private and public sector construction companies participated in this conference.

  • Considerations in designing and carrying out of sustainable construction
  • Introducing optimal patterns for low-energy-consumption buildings
  • Tehran municipality and other related organizations’ incentives for the construction of low-energy-consumption buildings
  • Management of water and energy consumption in public and governmental buildings (saving energy)
  • Using renewable energy sources in buildings
  • Impacts of air conditioning systems on the environment
  • Special topic: crisis in water and energy consumption

Rey Fort was awarded Fort Certificate of Appreciation for its environmental-friendly efforts.

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Rey Fort, the first tourism, entertainment, business and office complex in the south of Tehran

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