Rey Fort’s Miniature Zoo

Rey Fort’s Miniature Zoo

A zoo is more than just an entertainment center; it serves other purposes like making people familiar with animal species, preserving endangered species, and facilitating animal research.

Since a zoo houses animals from diverse habitats, its construction requires specialized and professional knowledge. Zoo architects take into consideration not only the appropriateness of spaces for animals, but attractiveness for tourists.

One main purpose of including a miniature zoo in Rey Fort Complex is to raise people’s awareness of animals’ importance.

This zoo’s biodiversity, beauty and exciting feature, and smart creativity in design will attract people from any age group.

About Rey Fort

Ray Fort is an enormous and unique complex that is being built on a 14,000-squre-meter land with 150,000 square meter of floor space

The branding and advertising huge project of Ray Fort collection has been ‎done with the management and design of Dr. Ahmed Mirabi

Rey Fort’s Sales Department

Najaf Ashraf real estate managed by

Seyed Ali Ghanadian


Yas Street, Qods Boluvard, Dolat Abad, Rey City




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